What is your emergency or contingency plan for your business?

What is your emergency or contingency plan for your business?

The severe weather conditions that have been experienced in this vicinity at various times this winter leading to road closures, power outages, and in some cases shortages of heating fuels in some areas, have presented many challenges and an opportunity to consider what appropriate plans need to be in place if these conditions, or other serious circumstances (fire, flood, windstorms, etc.), were to affect your business directly.

There are some simple things that need to be in place to make it easier to deal with these types of situations should they ever arise. Some of these are as follows:

1)      Up to date contact list for employees, that you can access off-site if necessary

2)      Current contact information for key business suppliers, including trades (plumbers, electricians, etc.), insurance, I.T. support, utilities, and whoever else is relevant for you.

3)      Identification of a meeting site for staff to discuss contingency operational plans

4)      Off-site back-up for I.T. systems, preferably in another community

5)      Potential temporary business/production sites in the event premises are unusable for a period of time

There are a myriad of things to consider, many will be different for each business, but it is certainly time well spent to develop a plan, especially should an event occur that you need to implement it. (we always hope that these plans are never needed, but…)

Taking time to identify vulnerabilities of your business is important to develop a plan that deals with the key issues.

Good planning, stay safe!