Stats & Facts

Stats & Facts

Lambton County based non-profit organization that began operations March 1, 1988.

Governed by 7 member volunteer Board of Directors consisting of entrepreneurs and professionals from Lambton County and staffed by 7 full-time employees.

The Federal Government, through Industry Canada’s Community Futures Program, provides annual operational funding totaling +$300,000¬†for 2011.

Mandate – Community Economic Development (CED) and helping Lambton County business be more successful creating permanent jobs and wealth in our community.

Two main forms of business assistance are provided:

  • Free business consulting in all areas of business management
  • Repayable financing to a maximum of $250,000

Delivery Agent for Self-Employment Benefit (OSEB), an entrepreneurial program funded by The Ontario Ministry Of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and HRSDC.

Key Accomplishments as of December 31, 2010

Assisted in the creation or maintenance of almost 7,200 full-time permanent jobs in Lambton County by way of providing business counseling, business loans and entrepreneurial programs including OSEB.

More than 24,000 Lambton County residents used the SLBDC’s free business consulting services in just the past 3 years.

Loans totaling +$23.8 million have been advanced to 488 local businesses while loans outstanding currently exceed $5.0 million.

The Federal Government provided $2.77 million to establish the SLBDC loan fund which has grown to over $8.0 million.

SLBDC loan clients have been able to leverage an additional $44.5 million in debt and $11.3 million in equity financing as a result of receiving SLBDC financing.

Loan losses since inception are 1.9% of loans advanced.

Since 1992, 657 OSEB businesses employing 990 people have been launched Currently partnering in 26 strategic planning and community economic development (CED) projects focusing on youth and culture, handicapped accessibility, agriculture, tourism, immigration, skills development, economic diversification and improving access to capital.