Christina Hyatt, Virtual Assistant


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Christina Hyatt, Virtual Assistant is a smart and unique business idea that creates a win-win situation for both Christina Hyatt, and the businesses she works with. Not only does being a Virtual Assistant give her the opportunity to work with different businesses everyday, but Hyatt provides a cost-effective solution for all of her clients.


Hyatt offers the services that any traditional administrative assistant would, but since she is hired on a contract basis, the company would only have to pay for the hours they need and just get her to do what needs to be done. She completes all of her tasks virtually, through the Internet, email, phone, and fax, so your business would not need to worry about any additional overhead, salary or government contributions. In addition to having clients purchase hours for her to help on an as-needed basis, Hyatt currently has three clients where she is their full-service secretary. “Their phone calls and paperwork would go through my home office”, Hyatt added.


When she opened her business in January 2012, Hyatt made a five-year plan. However, her hard work is clearly paying off because her business has grown faster than she initially anticipated. “I started out as part-time with a goal to make this a full-time job by the end of five years. But I am actually about to start being full-time now.” She offers clients several services, including bookkeeping, invoicing, client contact/newsletters, database management, as well as any other assistance to suit their unique needs. Besides small, local businesses, Hyatt also assists farm businesses by offering additional services such as swine or herd data management. What she likes about being an entrepreneur is the fact that she gets to work with so many different people on so many different tasks and projects. “I’m always learning new things and enhancing my skills.”


Hyatt went to the Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation (SLBDC) for the business counselling sessions. “The sessions were remarkably helpful. There is a lot of paperwork to go through when starting a business and they helped me figure out how to handle contracts and all of the government forms.”


If there was one thing she wished she knew before she started her business, it would be how important it is to put time back into the planning of the business, not just focusing on the financials. Hyatt emphasized, “Do not underestimate the importance of creating a distinct brand.”


For any inquiries, you can contact Christina Hyatt, Virtual Assistant, by calling (519) 384-2360 or emailing Additional information can be found on her official website,, as well as her Facebook page (Christina Hyatt – Virtual Assistant) and Twitter page (@chrissyhyat).