Cutting Edge Power Equipment

Cutting Edge Power Equipment

Bart and Kim Verge know a lot about yard and garden equipment, and it shows. They are the owners of Cutting Edge Power Equipment and they have been serving the Sarnia community for almost 16 years, from the corner of Ontario and Confederation. As you walk through the front door, you cannot help but notice the pristine state of the showroom, despite that they are also a full service repair shop.  You will be greeted by a warm “Hello” and a Mission Statement which is much more than just talk. You will find it on the wall behind the counter, in the back office, on the website and in the repair facility to remind both staff and customer of the business’ obligation to serve. “Committed people providing outstanding products and services, that impress our customers and successfully grow our company”. And grow, they have. What started out as a partnership many years ago has become a thriving business with a glowing reputation, now operated solely by Bart Verge and his wife, Kim.

Cutting Edge Power Equipment offer both sales and service on multiple brand names and their team of highly trained staff boast a multitude of certifications and competencies to support their work. They have clients from all over Sarnia and Lambton County, some coming from as far away as Wallaceburg to benefit from the sales advice and honest nature of the Verges’.

A keen business sense has set Cutting Edge Power Equipment apart from their competition. In the world of big box stores who can afford to sell some items at a loss to get you in the door, they have used their ingenuity to identify that their business is here to stay. At one time, they faced massive construction on the roads outside their store. Some would have been very daunted, but the Cutting Edge team appeared at a local business event in hard hats, complete with caution tape, vests and maps to direct customers to gain entrance to their business. That positive attitude and outside the box thinking has been a trademark of their longevity. Likewise, when they knew they had a bright vision and needed the financing to start their dream, they stepped outside of typical avenues like big banks and other traditional lenders. They found support for their idea at the Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation which has the added benefit of being able to facilitate financing for businesses that may not yet have the history and track record that is demanded of them from the larger lending institutions.

Bart and Kim do not see obstacles, they see opportunity. With a team of up to six people at any time, they know how to run their team efficiently. Bart touches on some key pieces of advice for up and coming entrepreneurs, “think about your opportunities very carefully. You have to know when to cut a loss rather than watching it grow into a bigger loss. When bumps happen, make a sound decision and move on”. He goes on to identify the hardest part for many new businesses “three big mistakes that new businesses make –they are undercapitalized, they haven’t done the research, or they simply didn’t work hard enough”, and he knows about hard work.

Bart’s biggest motivator is a surprising one. Like many, he loves being in control of his own business and being able to make decisions with little fanfare, but what he loves the most? “I love working with and meeting new people. I love it”.  You will see it not only in the warm smile that greets you, but on the faces of their customers who appreciate the depth of expertise and care that they get at Cutting Edge Power Equipment.


Cutting Edge Power Equipment is located at 756 Ontario Street in Sarnia. They can also be found on their website, their Facebook page, or by telephone at (519) 344-9215