With technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult for local businesses to transition into the “new way of business.” It is important for them to stay up-to-date with the current trends and use the Internet to their advantage, which is what RedChair is for. RedChair is a web development business that specializes in web design, internet marketing and website analysis. The owner, Matthew Mullen, started RedChair in 2003 and has since grown his business mostly through word-of-mouth. This has led him to work with many different organizations such as the Sarnia Police, Sarnia-Lambton Crime Stoppers, Sarnia Humane Society, and so forth.

Looking back to when RedChair started and comparing it to how it is today, there is a significant change in the type of work that Mullen does for clients. Now that people can be on-the-web wherever they go, Mullen makes his clients’ websites compatible to the latest smartphones and tablets. He also focuses more on social media and helping clients figure out which type of social media is the right fit. Mullen explained, “Facebook may not be the best way to reach your audience. Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can be just as effective and depending on your industry, more effective than Facebook.” He even found LinkedIn as an important tool for his own business. “That is where I have found many of my clients.”


A noticeable difference between RedChair and other web development companies is the cost. Mullen adds, “There are similar businesses that face higher costs because they have employees and office space. I have a small group of experienced professionals that I can hire on contract, so I can get the job done with less money.”


For Mullen, one of the most enjoyable parts of owning RedChair is that he gets to work with many different types of businesses and not-for-profit organizations. To help him build a good business plan, Mullen went to the Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation (SLBDC). Mullen states, “It is an incredible resource for anyone.” He also likes that the SLBDC would get speakers to come in and talk to the up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Even if he were to give advice to a new entrepreneur, it would be to just go to the SLBDC. “There is so much you don’t realize about starting a business.”


To contact Matthew Mullen, either call (519) 331-0129 or email him at You can find more information on his LinkedIn profile, as well as his website,, and Twitter page, @RedChairCA.

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