The Neutral Zone Paintball Park

TNZ Paintball

The Neutral Zone Paintball Park is a family-operated business that opened in 2013 and has been growing in popularity ever since. It is not like people only come to play once a year; it has become a regular, even weekly, activity for some people. The best thing about this park is that it is fun for everyone. Whether its kids, families or coworkers, it is a great outlet that people of any age can enjoy.


To play, there is an entry fee for the day and then customers would purchase as many paintballs as they want on top of that. However, there is the option to buy a year-long membership, which means that members do not have to pay the entry fees and they also get a discount on the paintballs they purchase.


For those who want to play a game of paintball regularly, The Neutral Zone Paintball Park coordinates a recreational league that plays every Sunday, called “War for Chemical Valley”. Anyone is welcomed to join the league, whether they are a member or not. The manager, Quintin Engerer, is also organizing a big game on August 10th that people can sign up for. “We’re aiming to have about 60 people playing”, said Engerer. It is going to be a great, active event to add to your summer calendar, so please contact Engerer if you are interested in participating.


This paintball park is already known to be a creative place to hold an event, and not just for birthday parties. “We have staff events for businesses to build teamwork and boost employee morale”, Engerer adds. Going to The Neutral Zone Paintball Park has been a very fun method for businesses to improve communication skills between employees.


Besides having a few volunteers help him out once in a while, Engerer basically runs the daily operations of the business himself. When I asked what the best part of his job was, he said it was the paintball itself. “I’ve started playing when I was ten, so I’ve been playing for about twenty years now”. During his childhood, he and his friends did not think there was much to do in Sarnia, so he saw The Neutral Zone Paintball Park as the perfect opportunity to add a different recreational venue to Sarnia.


The Neutral Zone Paintball Park is located at 1596 London Line and you can contact Quinton Engerer at (519) 464-3335 or for any inquiries. Updates and other information can be found on its Facebook page.