Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development

CED isn’t a thing. It’s a collaborative process that both helps lead initiatives & provides guidance on many other projects that connect the staff of our organization with key stakeholders in our region. It’s about facilitating ideas that will move Lambton County forward in meaningful ways. Whether it’s a project designed to enhance conditions for business to operate more successfully; to assist not for profit organizations achieve increased sustainability; or to facilitate a more culturally vibrant community, we are proudly contributing to increased vibrancy and enhanced economic growth in Lambton County. We all want a community where we can work play and grow and Community Economic Development is a way to help create this environment.

We are proud to collaborate with partners in the business sector, public service and community organizations to serve both our rural and urban centres including our First Nations communities. We are dedicated to focusing on our smaller municipalities to look out for their best interests on a variety of initiatives. Communication is KEY!

Two-way dialogue is essential for any measure of success with Community Economic Development – we really DO want to hear from you! On a periodic basis, there are new resources and opportunities that present themselves that can be harnessed and used to provide a competitive advantage in Lambton County. Let us know how we can best help, but also help us when we call on YOU. No one entity has all the best solutions, but working together, listening to one another – much can be accomplished.
How We Help:

  • We periodically receive funding opportunities to benefit Small Business and Not for Profit organizations. Let us know what type of support you’re looking for so we can identify and inform you of new opportunities!
  • We can help you refine funding applications. If you are writing a proposal and want some assistance, we are able to offer valuable support and direction.
  • Help connect you to others in the community that you NEED to know. We help establish new collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships. Assistance to help you network and achieve your goals is something we’re pleased to make happen.
  • Providing information & educational opportunities. We host a variety of seminars with funders such as: The Ontario Trillium Foundation and a variety of Government agencies. We aid in helping establish meaningful connections with funders.
  • Our seasonal Point Edward Moonlight Farmers’ Market is a specific initiative connecting Lambton County farmers and specialty food artisans to consumers eager to shop local.

We lead with community initiatives like Sarnia-Lambton Business Week, providing valuable and engaging programming to benefit small and medium enterprise and not for profits.