About CED Projects

About CED Officers and Projects

To undertake a Community Economic Development (CED) Project, the CED officer will:

  • Gather economic development ideas from local visionaries
  • Meet with local groups to discuss possible projects
  • Work with any community group, non-profit organization or business in order to improve local economy
  • Develop strategic plans or proposals for specific projects
  • Show how business or employment opportunities can be enhanced

The CED Officer’s involvement may include:

    • Project planning: meet with volunteer groups to discuss issues and ideas and develop a plan.
    • Project funding: assist group with accessing funding and writing a proposal.
    • Project management: working with group to monitor progress as project develops.

Local CED Projects have included such topics as:

    • Community Strategic Planning
    • Tourism Attraction
    • Agriculture Business and Rural Tourism
    • Diversification into New Business Sectors
    • Labour Force Skills Development
    • Technology & Innovation
    • Youth Retention & Attraction