WOCFDCA Marketing & Communication Weekly Newsletter – Nov 20/18


There are several strategies that can help you reduce the risks you and your customers face when doing business online. Be aware of these risks and take steps to deal with them before they become problems.

READ: https://bit.ly/2vwegJT

91.5 The Peak is doing it right. The videos they do are a great way to get in the face of the business community more than you already are. Consider doing this as part of your Social Media Marketing. This could be something you do monthly. We all know CFDC’s have the best clients and stopping in to see them and making a short video, not only to promote them but you as well is a great way to get your name out to businesses that don’t know you are there for them if they need you.

VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2PxuAUs

Marketing Secrets – Secret #2: How To Turn 3,000 Email Clicks Into 300,000 Visitors

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*Excerpted from the November 20, 2018 Weekly CFDC Newsletter