WOCFDCA Marketing & Communication Weekly Newsletter – Oct 16/18

The act of incorporating creates a new legal entity called a corporation, commonly referred to as a “company.” A corporation has the same rights and obligations under Canadian law as a natural person.

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Innovation doesn’t have an age limit. This young man knows what he is talking about. The Community Futures and SOFII programs support innovators just like Ashton. If you are working on a project to better the world we live in reach out to us today. http://www.wocfdca.com/contact

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Seven Steps To A Better Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

It’s a question that’s been asked many times: If all of your friends jumped off of a bridge would you?
From major corporations to small businesses, jumping on a new trend without consideration for the integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy is a common occurrence.

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*Excerpted from the October 16, 2018 Weekly CFDC Newsletter