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Board Recruitment Policy 

  • Members of the Board of Directors and the General Manager are to be vigilant in the identification of individuals with requisite skills and who represent the various business sectors and geographic areas of the community, and to maintain a list of potential candidates
  • In the event of a vacancy, the Board of Directors will review the skills and business sector knowledge required to replace the departing director, as well as preferred geographic area of the community to be represented.
  • General Manager to contact identified individuals to determine their interest in serving as a director for the corporation. An information package would be provided to interested candidates who express interest to familiarize them with the organization. (Confidentiality Agreement to be signed)
  • Board of Directors to establish a Selection Committee to interview identified candidates who have indicated an interest in serving as a director would interview all candidates and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Selection Committee or members of the Board appointed by the whole Board of Directors.
  • Unsuccessful candidates would be requested to return information packages at that time, as well.
  • Should there not be a suitable candidate willing to serve from the preferred geographic area of the community, the Board of Directors retains the right to appoint a director with appropriate skills form another area of the community or to advertise the vacant position in the local media.